General Purpose Systems


MACSYMA (Project MAC's SYmbolic MAnipulation System) is a large computer algebra system for symbolic and numerical computations. Originally MACSYMA was developed by the MATH lab group at M.I.T. The descendants of MACSYMA (circa 1982) fall into two camps, viz., the commercialized Symbolics MACSYMA and its successor from Macsyma, Inc., and the versions released to National Energy Software Center at Argonne, Illinois, which are based on the "public" MIT source code for the DEC PDP-10 MACLisp system. The latter ones do not have the Symbolics enhancements, but they have been modified from time to time by several individuals or groups.

One of these modifications is known as PARAMAX and as PARAMACS. It is a Common-Lisp based implementation, which has been ported from the original MACLisp source. PARAMAX is available for VAX/VMS under DEC VAXLisp 2.2, and on SUN-3 and SUN-4 under Franz, Inc. Allegro Common Lisp. Versions for SGI are also available, and MAC/PC versions are being worked on. Maintenance, phone services, and site licensing are available. Contact:

Leo Harten
Paradigm Associates, Inc.
29 Putnam Avenue, Suite 6
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-492-6079

Features/Enhancements of PARAMAX include

General Purpose Systems.

Last updated: February 21, 1995